Day 38 of Lent

It's Thursday.  In college, Thursday was like the new Friday.  Everyone I knew went out Thursday night despite the glaring obviously fact that the week is not over yet.  We still had classes on Friday.

Which... no one went to.  Well, as far as Jesus is concerned today is his last "free" day before things really go down.  Consider it his "last chance" to show/tell his Disciples what is really important.

And, in this final act of assurance, love, power, and authority Jesus decides to....

wash his Disciples' feet?  Wah?  Where is the last ditch at his enemies?  Where is the credo?  Where is the "getting back" at all who have harmed him?  What kind of knighting ceremony is this?  No even some fireworks as he zaps a Pharisee or two?  Cast out a demon?

Oh.  Maybe family really is what is most important to Jesus.  So important, that not even death can hold him back.  This is, after all, just a meal.  Really, for Jesus there is nothing left to do besides remind them how to be truly great when he is gone.

I hope your Maundy/Holy/White Thursday brings you closer to understanding Jesus' heart.