Day 40 of Lent

Here we are.  I'm half tempted not to say anything.  After all, for the Disciples today must have been the day after the end of the world.  Grief is an odd thing.  It comes and goes, churning our reality into such a soupy mess of "where in the world am I" that we can hardly stand on our own two feet. 

But we have arrived at the end and have not yet seen the new beginning.  Many will (and have) jumped the gun with their Easter blog posts today about how great it is Jesus is alive.  This wonderful outpouring of joy is coming - but today is almost a forgotten day.  Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a Grieving Saturday.  In some ways Christ is still in the tomb.

Do you ever feel that way?  That somehow all that is good and beautiful and lovely in this world has been defeated?  Killed?  Just as today isn't the end of the story this is true in our lives as well.  Our grief will change too.

To truly appreciate Easter means going everywhere Jesus took the Disciples.  Now that we are at the cross we find grief.  Or, we should.  You don't exactly conjure those kinds of feelings from thin air.  That's why I ask when you've felt defeated... those places are tombs within our souls.  Past mistakes.... past shame... past hurts.  They can become our grave.

I hate to be a wet blanket when tomorrow holds such promise and joy - but Easter means so much more in the face of (apparent) defeat, not nostalgia or apathy, where many of us Christians find ourselves on this Saturday.

We don't have to stay in the tomb though any more than Jesus does.  We grieve.  Not as those who don't have hope, but those who know where our salvation comes.

Tomorrow we will all be surprised.


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