Hi, I'm the new Chaplain at Birmingham-Southern College

Howdy.  So I'm the Chaplain at Birmingham-Southern.  As they say around here: Forward, ever.

With the official start comes meeting the wonderful people who make Birmingham-Southern what it is.

Unfortunately the students who I look forward to spending time with are mostly gone.  There are a few brave souls still hanging around for the summer.  And plenty of faculty who I can mingle with.  Definitely getting my feet under me.

With a new job comes PLENTY of prayer.  It also brings un-exciting things like organizing books.  I told my screening committee that I didn't feel as Chaplain I'd be doing my job unless I was with someone.  So....

Consider this an open invitation: if you or anyone you know would like to get together and talk about the future of BSC (or, maybe, the past?) I'm excited about hearing how the Religious Life at BSC can be improved.

Don't get me wrong - I feel called to BSC for a reason (that will be expounded on more later), but I can't use what God's given me until I know better the context of where I am.  So help a brother out :)

I'm trying to stay so busy talking to people that I don't have time to hang pictures.  I want to be so inundated with chats that these boxes stick around a while.

God has some great plans for Birmingham-Southern, let's talk about how we can go forward, ever.