That's not in the Bible.

I love it when we can correct poor theology and increase Biblical literacy.  Although I didn't write it, the following is, I think, a good way of talking about what is most certainly NOT in the Bible, despite our belief that it is.

Some of it you may disagree with (like whether the serpent in the Garden of Eden is Satan or not) but I'd ask you not get defensive and instead ask what attitudes we hide behind with pithy sayings that don't add to the truth of the matter, at all.  We only stand to gain from determining what is in the Bible and what's not, especially since some Christians love quoting it all the time.

Oh, the article is here.

Bonus questions: Where in the Bible do you find the word, "Trinity" in either Greek or Hebrew?  Where in the Bible does it say that marriage is only between one man and one woman?  (Extra credit if you can tell me why Solomon having all those wives and concubines was wrong in the eyes of God.)  Last one: According to Paul, which is better for a Christian... singleness or marriage?

Yay!  I love theology!

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