New Student Convocation 2011

I had the honor of praying the Invocation at BSC's Convocation for the Class of 2015.  I hope we can continue to pray it through this year.
Prayer for the class of 2015:

God of new life; today is a day we say thanks. What a difference a year makes. What a difference a summer makes. What a difference to witness, in the arrival of these new students, friends, and family, the future of Birmingham-Southern College.

We say thanks for these students and the new life they will bring to this institution and to our lives. We say thanks for the loved ones who have brought us to this day. We say thanks for the staff and faculty who will sacrifice of themselves to better this place. We say thanks that in this place and in this year BSC will be a safe environment to discover ourselves, our neighbors, and your sustaining grace. We say thanks for your blessings as we endeavor to teach, learn, and grow in our understanding of the beauty of this world. We say thanks for Birmingham-Southern.

Today is a day to say yes.

We say yes to the future that we have yet to discover. We say yes to expensive textbooks, challenging Generals, and professors who seem to see something in ourselves that we have yet to discover. We say yes to the challenges that are ahead in our studies, athletics, and social life. We say yes to the community that will often support us in our doubts and trials. We say yes to what is expected and what we have yet to see. We say yes to Birmingham-Southern.

To say yes and thanks to BSC, O God, we need each other. Through your grace, help us to hear and respect those who may not see the world as we do but will help us to see the world as we ought. We pray you will help us reject fear of the unknown, despair that comes with mistakes or failure, or hate that we resort to in our desperation.

We pray you will give us faith in each other, this school, and the future you have for us. We pray you will give us hope for this year. We pray you will give us love for this school and all that comes with it.

Lead us forward, ever. Amen.