Chapel, October 3rd 2011

Why do you go to church? Is it because that cute boy you like goes there? Is it because of the guilt your mom instilled in you? Is it because you just long to be around people and Church folk are the best you could find (lulz, please don't let it be that). I think we continue to go to church because every person - every single person who has ever lived - is longing to find God. To be in relationship with God. This sermon is about the best way you can follow Jesus.  Perhaps one of the most hopeful sermons I've ever preached.


  1. wow, what a challenge. I have a hard time giving up my life (and all the other stuff) because I don't see what Jesus has in store for me. I lack the faith to trust him. As CS Lewis wrote, I am a child playing in a mud puddle who does not want to stop because I do not know what it is like to go to the beach.


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