Lent in Reverse (2nd)

As we walk away from Jerusalem with the Disciples back to Galilee (where it all began and must begin again) I'm posting my Lenten devotionals in reverse.  Most of them.


Don't Lose Heart

Hebrews 12:1-3

Everyone is scared of something.  Some people fear spiders.  Some fear heights.  I even know some people who are kind of scared of feet.  Personally, I have a healthy "respect" for electricity.

All of these fears pale in comparison to the motivation we receive from avoiding loneliness.  Even introverts (people who draw energy from being along) need other people.  Death, as a fear and motivator, snuggles up closely to loneliness so much so that they are almost inseparable.

It is a great illusion of our society that individuals can be completely independent and thus, truly free from fear.  Simon and Garfunkel parody this great "strength" in their song, I Am A Rock.

This week Jesus is facing the toughest challenge of his ministry - confronting those in high places that don't like what he is bringing.

Can you imagine the loneliness Jesus must have faced?  I think he truly needed the Disciples and their friendship.  Despite the obtuse awareness of the bunch there is a reason Judas actions were a betrayal.

Thankfully we can draw from the same strength Jesus found.  We are not alone.  Not only do we have our Savior but also those loved ones who have gone before us cheering us on.

Hebrews 12 encourages us to not lose heart.  Don't let those spiders scare you.  Not even your sins, others' mistakes, or death can stop Jesus.  When we love like Jesus, we find we can't be stopped either.  Don't lose heart.

Author and redeemer of life,
Thank you that we are not alone.  You will not leave us orphaned
but instill within us an assurance of your love
As Christ faced the cross in Jerusalem we pray we can face our own race unafraid.