Lent in Reverse

Yay!  Easter!

Well my fast is over but I wrote devotionals for BSC over Lent.  So in a grand stroke of genius, I decided they are worth posting in reverse, kind of to help us walk back to Galilee with the Disciples, you know?

Now that we have the resurrection and understand Jesus a bit more let's go back to the beginning.


Setting the Example 

Believe it or not, I can be a bit awkward around people.  Whenever I am with someone, I have a tendency to fill the expected role.  If I'm unsure what I'm doing or what is expected of me, I say weird things and stand a bit aloof.

There is an old saying that, "clothes make the man."

While this is not completely true we do have a tendency to "fill our clothes" or grant other people certain privileges because of what they are wearing.  Think of police officers or the Pope.  I'd like to think the outside exemplifies what is on the inside, but this is not always the case.

In John 13 the clothes completely fit the man.  John's Gospel glosses over the meal and cuts straight to what can only be described as sacramental despite not being a sacrament in many main-line Christian denominations.

When Jesus washes the Disciples' feet he takes off his outer garment and clothes himself as a servant.  He sets an example for us taking this role and shows that even in an awkward (for us and the Disciples) moment, he comes not as a God or Teacher but as a servant.

We have much to learn from this example.  My hope is that as we move closer and closer to the cross we can see Jesus for who he was on that cross.

One that not only faced evil, death, and all the failings of humanity but one who comes to serve in this amazing act of love.

I think Christ is pretty clear in the role we can play with other people.  We don't have to be awkward about it.

Gracious Lord, you set an example for us in word and deed.
While I may not physically wash the feet of those around me,
may I put on the garments of a servant,
that wherever I may be, you may be also.