Lent in Reverse (11th)

As we walk away from Jerusalem with the Disciples back to Galilee (where it all began and must begin again) I'm posting my Lenten devotionals in reverse.  Most of them.  Also, this devo was written while I was in DC, so understand that I'm not there *right* now.


Who's Really Powerful?

Hebrews 5:5-10

This week fourteen BSC students, Jackie Walker, and myself have been in Washington DC studying Economic Justice with the General Board of Church and Society (for my non-Methodist friends it is a church agency that works for "the least of these" in DC).  Today, we met with our State Senators.  (Devotional continues after the picture).

Afterward, we sat on the lawn of the Capitol and we talked about where true power comes from.  The Senate?  The Reps?  The President?

Being a Democracy we take seriously the idea that our nation is run by the people.  However, if you had to describe who that power is vested in - we'd have to say Washington is where it is focused.  Some would even say it is the "most powerful" government in the world.  The powerful people are trusted with the public good.  They are supposed to be the most fit, the most intelligent, the most informed, and fully capable of furthering Alabama's interests on a Federal level.  This makes them powerful.

The writer of Hebrews has a different slant on power.  Jesus, of course, emptied himself taking the form of a servant (Philippians 2).  Public servant maybe?  But for Hebrews one of the reasons Jesus is so powerful (and able to save) is because he earnestly and fervently called on God to save him.

What an interesting concept, right?  According to Hebrews complete devotion is shared both ways from God to Christ.

As I sat with my friends at the Capitol I realized that they had an amazing power that Senators don't have.  These students share my journey.  We walk similar paths and at the moment even share a room (all 16 of us are sleeping in one space!).  And while they may not be trusted with the public good (yet), we are learning how to rely on each other and ask for help when needed.

Who will you rely on today and from who will you ask for help?

O Christ, High Priest and intercessor for us all,
Grant me a humble heart to seek you daily.
Thank you for showing me a different kind of power:
One that serves others rather than dominates.
One that seeks help rather than flees from it.