Back to reality

My trip to India is coming to a close. I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like but it has been for good reason: I've been busy. But now I'm sitting in the airport with India being me. America is back in front of me, and I'm sitting in the Netherlands.

One word for now: John 1:9-18. At church on Sunday the pastor preached from John. (by the way, it's kind of cool to travel around the world and find yourself in a United Methodist congregation singing songs you know in other languages.)

The sermon was basically about how Jesus is the way, not the destination. In a strange twist he mixed up a bit of his English and said that Jesus was not the "destiny," but he meant "destination" I'm pretty sure. Haven't worked through how to spin that in a positive way yet. :-)

India, for me, was a destination. We ministered to folks, knew the people better, and I hope I have grown closer to being the pastor I need to be. But it isn't the way. I can't see myself living as most Indians.

Do I sometimes turn my relationship with Jesus into a destination? A trip to be taken whenever I need to grow and not a regular daily exercise?

Surely not. Jesus is the way, not the destination. Anywhere I go, whoever I'm with, Jesus is how I will go. Right now, I have the whole future of my ministry ahead of me and I'm excited about the reality that is before me. There is so much I can change. There are so many ways I've lost sight of what ministry is and how God loves.

Back to reality. Right where I long to be.