Two by Two

Don't you just hate trolls?  Facebook, twitter, comments sections of the local new outlet - everywhere you go it seems haters are gonna hate.

So I had this idea this morning.  What if Christians systematically respond positively to news and status updates.  I mean, what if you and a buddy sit down and inundate a particular website with positive, relevant, and yet encouraging content.  Doesn't even have to be about Jesus!  It can just be uplifting and loving.  Would that be so hard?  Could Christians carve out little sanctuaries on the internet where trolls are loved into not being such debbie downers?

Do you think it's even possible?  Can someone interact with all the hate without actually responding in kind?  We can send Christians out, two by two - to the social media!

There has to be someone who has thought of this, I know I can't be the first.