Quick Thought! Change is possible.

Change isn't just possible, but also constant and unavoidable.  So why do I act like some things/people will never change?  Are people really so set in their ways?

It really isn't possible to not change.  Life is change, in a way.  In Christianity we have another word for what change should bring: hope.  When we write off people, institutions, or society as unchangeable we in effect say there is no hope.  We are limiting a God that worked constant change into creation (as a good thing!).

My hope for you today is that you'll give up those notions that you can't get over that obstacle.  Give up the illusion of control.  Give up the fear that bad people can't "see the light."  My hope is that you'll realize how God's love never changes but your perceptions of it often do.  Hope happens and so does change.

(Quick thoughts are thoughts that I had but didn't want to lose.  They aren't completely thought through or thought out but something I wanted to share and converse about)  Check the labels on this blog to find more.