Quick thought!

People get more fired up defending what they love against perceived threats than getting psyched about sharing the beauty they find.

To put it in a question: Are people naturally dispositioned to be reactive or proactive?

This is one of the delicious ironies to me about how Christians go about living their faith.  Or people, for that matter.  I don't have kids but one day, when I do, I plan on explaining to them the dangers of the internet.  Scantily-clad men and women?  Yeah, that's a problem.  Surveillance?  Yeah, it'll always be there.

The scary thing for me is that it has changed the way I see myself.  The way I see the world.  I want to be proactive about the things I love, not always responding to defend them from the perceived evils of the world.

(Quick thoughts are thoughts that I had but didn't want to lose.  They aren't completely thought through or thought out but something I wanted to share and converse about)  Check the labels on this blog to find more.

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