Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope, second

How hard would it be to get things done if you didn't have a car? What if you had a kid but no one to cover for you at your job when they break their arm at school? What if you only had 15 dollars to feed nine people?

Those basically were the questions I was faced with today in our experiences in midfield.

Of course, all those problems can be overcome - just not the way you think. We took the bus to see about applying for food stamps. Sometimes they were late. Sometimes we were at the wrong stop. It felt like all I did today was wait on a bus. We didn't have a car but we made do. We made a stir fry for our group tonight. Stretching that 15 bucks means not splurging on soda or fancy chicken. Of course we went to Walmart but I walked past some mighty fine food to something less expensive.

Note, what does this have to do with faith and money? For one, I can appreciate how church connections are more than just someone to trade recipes with. In this community they literally may help you feed your family and you can help feed someone else's family too. For two, it helps me appreciate the difficulties poverty creates. In essence, this experience is helping me humanize the folks in my community.  So far, the holy spirit is moving to help me not be angry, bitter, or indifferent, but hopeful, faithful, and loving.

I'm not done yet. Next we go to the black belt of Alabama.