Boston ASB 2014, first day

Which city is the most "American" - Washington DC, New York City, or Boston?

Boston ASB, first day:

Traveling always makes me pensive. When you are sitting in a plane you have a very constrained view of the world. When you are sitting in an airport the people don't always look like you. Plenty of time to look and listen and think.

And certainly this is a good thing, yes?

I'm always awestruck by the clouds... By the perspective. When you leave early enough to see the cars and you think how they are filled with humans. The 30,000 feet make the little actions in my kitchen feel beautifully contained. Up here, every action looks interconnected to every other action.

That's one reason I think coming to Boston, a city I've never been to, experiencing people I've never met, will change me in ways I may never articulate.

The last three spring breaks I've been to these three cities.  As I've been to these historically utterly significant towns I've been sick by how they are unique and yet the same.

Within me that same question arises again. How am I different from anyone? What is uniquely me and worth lifting up?
Surely I am the same as every person I will meet on this trip. Same love, fear, hopes, dreams.

Here's hoping. I'm going to need some help changing this world.