Are you defined by what you do?

My call is a huge part of what who I am. As a pastor, my vocation revolves around the work I do - especially because it's the church which means obviously it is God's will that this is where I'm supposed to be. So what I do (pastor) defines who I am.

Well, to be honest, I mostly hold on to "doing" because that's how I define my mark on the world. In some ways the biggest ways I'm known it is simply a relationship that exists almost separately by how much it involves me. I'm a son, brother, husband, father, friend. Those are real not just when I'm with those people.

I don't know. In all the ways I'm known, how many are the result of actions and how many are the results of just being. How many do I truly have control over and how many are the result of incredibly complex systems?

There is always some unknowable pursuit in discovering myself. Even if I think I am defined by what I do, I can go deeper. I can change. Being alive *is* recognizing that I'm not static or trapped by what I do - whether that is good or bad.

I'm defined by something greater. The beauty of this is not only is the deepest reality of my existence separated by my own actions, it is also separated from the actions of others. This is not a Calvinist statement like "Nothing we do can change God" but a Wesleyan acknowledgement that God's choice to love is greater than my choice to anything. I'm defined by what God is.