Advent 4 - Tradition

Christmas is tradition. We often think only older folks love to do things the same way but the fact is everyone loves traditions, especially around Christmas. The TWEENS at our church look forward to these traditions each year. We bet you do too!

Our tweens love visiting family (no matter what your teenager tells you). They love lots of good food. They love picking out a Christmas tree. They love opening presents. They love drinking coffee on Christmas morning while eating coffee cake.

I need to try that last one myself. The great thing about traditions is that you can always start a new one or appreciate an old one. Traditions, paradoxically, often arise from non-traditional circumstances. The turkey burns and now we go to Cracker Barrel every year. We get that one crazy gift and honor it by giving it away to someone new every year. That one friend bought you a bag of groceries when you needed them most and now that is how you honor Christmas.

This is how God works too. God coming to us in the Christ-child is both an utterly unique event, but also tradition that God has honored throughout time. God always sends people to bring us home. Whether it is a sage patriarch, an adoptive mother, or a feisty tween – Christmas honors the tradition of God showing up in sometimes the most unexpected ways. Maybe this year I’ll have to make some coffee cake. Blessings for your day!
Photo by Pixabay