Advent 5 - Smell

The Open Door Sunday School Class believes that baking cookies gives Christmas its smell. Baking cookies brings together so many wonderful sensations. The taste and the warmth when it hits your tongue. The gooey goodness fluffing up in the oven. The memories that come to mind as you breath in that great scent. 

Hungry yet? Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” People have long appreciated that our sense of taste is synonymous with our sense of smell. They might as well be the same thing, which is why when you have a stuffy nose your food can taste bland. But when you or someone who loves you bakes cookies this year, we hope it will remind you of how good God is and what we can look forward to when Jesus comes this Christmas.
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without good food. May that food help us reflect on the love of the people in our midst and the God who is coming in the Christ-child.
Photo by Pixabay