Hosanna, for real.

There have been many Palm Sundays in my career as a pastor. Most of them, have come and gone without so much as a bump in the road. But this year?

Hosanna. That strange exclamation is used, specifically on Palm Sunday, and sometimes on other holidays. Originally it was a form of "Save us!" Much like Hosea's name means something akin to "he saves" so Jerusalemites, on Palm Sunday, ask Jesus to save them with the cry of Hosanna.

We have forgotten what it is to desire salvation from what we are powerless to control. Our friends, family, and news feeds are full of people who have, in their "most vulnerable" moments have cried - literally cried - please, God, please, save me. Save her. Save him. Please, I'm directing everything I am and everything I have to shift reality from death to life.

It is a sadness, a hopelessness, a despair that we'd really rather not encounter if we can avoid it. So for those who have no choice, for those who wouldn't choose this, and for those who still live under the impression that they have some control here somehow...

Jesus shows up. Triumphantly. Not like we would if we were him (He's not a better version of you, you are a misaligned version of him) but in the way we need. Humbly, confidently, and without a need to prove himself. His only desire is to restore what was lost. To bring home those who are scattered. To bring health and wholeness to those denied the simple reality of being human.

He too, will say Hosanna this week. But we aren't there yet. Today, I hope you'll simply get as close to honesty with "Hosanna" as possible. It's going to be a wild ride.