15 (theoretical) Minutes with the President

Please check this out. Maxie Dunham, you may know, is a leading Methodist pastor who is currently chancellor at Asbury Theological Seminary and was recently the President of the school.


HT: Shane Raynor at the Wesley Report

For those who may have read a previous blog entry regarding another Confessing Movement article, you will notice Dr. Dunnam's challenge to the president elect:
Don’t compromise the values of a Judeo-Christian culture for a valueless tolerance that will become a religion of secularism, or on an international level suffer from a naive tolerance of radical Islam.
This though, strikes an entirely different cord with me than the previous article. Its also worth noting that Dr. Dunnam uses terms on the same issues we were previously discussing. He praises Obama like so:
You have inspired the nation by bringing together a diverse people. You have done this by not being so rigidly ideological, and by unfolding an expansive umbrella of acceptance and affirmation.
What a great hope! I hope somehow our president elect sees this but also that we encourage such beliefs among the Americans who might not think so highly about God/nation/politicians.