No wonder people think we are crazy and vindictive

Sigh.  Prayer is powerful, but it isn't black magic.  Check this link.

I've already spoken my thoughts about praying for someone else's harm, but this particular article shows another angle to this whole idea:  God as "black magic"

Somehow the guy praying for a Democrat's demise got the formula wrong.  He added a dash of "this" when he should have gone with "that" and the result is a misfire of a divine arrow.

It makes me sick to my stomach.  10 year olds believe in such a fickle and controllable God.  Anyone with any spiritual maturity will both a.) discern their own will from God's will and pray for God's will, and b.) not reduce God to some sleeping giant who didn't care about the politics in America until you, oh dear pray-er, decided to shout loud enough, bringing God to act in some decisive manner.

You really think God would "miss"!?  Or that the Holy Spirit isn't already doing stuff?

The attitude expressed in that article by the caller isn't Christianity - its idolatry.

Yes, prayer is powerful, but its not hocus pocus.