Need more convincing?

I don't know what it means

Just in case you are wondering...

The Gimmick of Christianity

Create your own Band Name and Album Cover

Happy...Ash Wednesday?

Doh! Twitter goof-up.

Maintaining Unity Amid Diversity

Is your computer screen dirty?

Monday monday.

When is your Sabbath?

Twitter in plain english

I sometimes don't know why these things make me laugh so hard.

Fighting an attitude of frugality

Mark Zuckerberg read my blog

There is definitely a God


Just so you know

I hope you like your facebook profile

Discovery weekend

Here's a pick-me-up for ya

Alabama and Iran are actually quite similar.

Its all a matter of perspective

Are rich people ruder?

A device to hold all those books I never read anyway.

Want to lose weight?

How much integrity does a pastor have?

Show off.

No, I won't tell you 25 random things about me.

Adam shares himself

Mark 1:29-39 or Efficient Time Management

Cards win! Cards win!

I need you.