Changing the way we do church.

Swarming Christians (or locusts, whatever)

Curve ball

All good things come to an end.

things look different

Fully accountable

Long day

Blah, blogger mobile messed up on me.

Its cold. Time to go to a beach.

Keepin up with the new prez

wait, that wasn't real?

What if he leaves it in the bathroom?

Carefully mistaking the obvious. (Or, Mark 1:14-20)

A new way of looking at things.

Jesus and Obama

Too busy to listen to a world-class violinist?

Letter from Birmingham (not the jail though)

Oh, Rick Warren, surely you jest.

Inauguration Parade

The Difference

Christians defining their own theology

More Rick Warrens (Dr. Riley Case)

Found him!

John 1:43-51 or Jesus was from Dadeville

15 (theoretical) Minutes with the President

Baby, its over. Give me my kidney back.

The Christian Ponzi Scheme

An experiment for the masses

Sin and diversity.

Can I share something with you?

Young Clergy Update

Resolution #2.1

Resolution #2

Makes you think...

sex? again?

New Years Resolution #1

First post of 2009